The Main Differences between LTL and FTL Shipping

The Main Differences between LTL and FTL Shipping

If you’re interested in trucking companies, there are a few terms that you need to know. One common term is called LTL which stands for “less than truckload.” There’s also another term called FTL which means “full truckload”. Shipping providers offer many options to ship your goods so you need to be aware of the options before you ship. Here’s what you need to know about these terms.

General Shipping

When products are shipped, there are many different shipping options that you can choose from. It can be hard to figure out what is the ideal shipping method for your needs. When looking for top transportation companies, you must decide how you’ll ship your goods before you hire anyone to ship your goods. The type of your shipment, the size of it, and the speed you need it delivered are all factors that you must keep in mind.

LTL Shipping

This type of shipping means “less than truckload.” The shipment doesn’t take up the entire truck when LTL is used. These shipments will weight around 100-10,000 pounds. You pay for just the space in the truck that you need for your shipment. The rest of the truck is filled with other shipments. This option is great for a small business that doesn’t need to ship many products and needs to stay within their limited budget. LTL shipments will take longer than other shipments to get to their destination as there are more stops, but it’s less expensive than other options If you need things on time then FTL is a better option.

FTL Shipping

This type of shipping means ‘full truckload.” The shipment takes up the entire truck. This type of shipping is used when you need to move a large volume of goods to another destination. Your shipment stays on the truck the entire time and there are no transfers to other trucks during the transport of your goods. This shipment type is faster than LTL as there are no multiple stops along the shipping route. There’s also less chance that the shipment will get damaged during transport. If you have a lot of goods to ship, you need to consider FTL shipping. This type of shipping will get your goods to their destination with minimal hassles.


You need to talk to top shipping companies about your needs. Trucking companies have many options in terms of shipping for you and you must weigh your options before you ship goods. You may have a full truckload of goods you must ship then FTL is the right options. If you’re a small company with less to ship, LTL is the best option for you. Discuss your needs with the company to determine the best way to ship your goods. You must consider your budget and how quickly you need your goods to reach their destination. There are a lot of options out there for shipping so pick something that’s going to do the best job for you.