Tantra Massages

Tantra Massages

are more, than only massage. It's part of philosophy, and it's not only pleasure, but it's ritual. It comes from the east cultures, and art of tantra is many centuries old. Originaly, there were only few people, who knew how to do it, and how to practice it, but now, when popularity of this is growing up, more and more people try to learn it, and do it for their partner, because there is nothing so connecting. But there are also salons, for example Number One in Prague, where you can pay for getting tantra massage. It's nothing sexual, and nothing, what should be connected with prostitution. Tantra is art, massage, where must understand client, this is supported by touches and nudity.

  • Tantra Massages Are Tradition

Tantra massages aren't new, how we have said. It's old tradition, on border of love, pleasure, and also medicine. Body to body massages Prague aren't only for women. It's the same for men, masseuse can by naked, or she can wear erotic lingerie, she can have shower with men, and she will also use all her body to massage. And she will give massage to every part of men's bodies, including penis or ass. Of course, everything will take place in beautiful rooms, with music, candles and everything, what will give you pleasure. This massage is also available for couples, and it may be finished by sex between partners.Today, the technique is the same like in the history. Massage is done in the light of candles, in the sound of oriental music, and it should be totally relaxed and calm. And very important are touches, one moment tender, and one moment strong. You will be also washed, and massaged using oils or gels, with strong aroma of natural scents. It's like in oriental films. All you can see there is true.

  • Tantra Massages - How to Do It?

There is no different between tantra massages and other ways how to relax your body in the east cultures. By using your breath, your body and your soul you should clean your mind. And touches of masseur all around your body, but totally without sexual sense, will give you calm, and give you chance to get known your own body. What's more, you can likewise make this back rub how you need, there is sufficient spot for impromptu creation. Masseur can be bare, or can wear provocative underwear, and you will likewise characterize how the back rub will be finished Tantra massage is also done nude, but there is no sexual context. It's because of confidence. Masseur must feel confidence from his client, who will give his body to the masseur. And masseur will give to his client pleasure and relaxation.