Sideways Tacos

Good Mornin’!

Is it really already Friday? Where in the heck did this week go? Definitely not complaining..bring on the weekend! Specifically Sunday for a whole day with my favorite girls!


So what did you think of the CMAs? Here are a few of my thoughts

  • I feel much better about my vocal talents after hearing that not even Hunter Hayes himself can hit the notes in “Wanted”
  • I love Miranda Lambert! She is so humble and down to earth.
  • Taylor Swift is kind of boring … So sad because I used to really like her.
  • Blake Shelton – You are awesome.



Ahhh a normal day finally!


BREAKFAST: Pumpkin & Peach Oats – 270 calories

A classic around here! And for a reason. Mmm


Here’s the recipe! Subbed chia seeds for flax seeds


LUNCH: Tempeh Salad + Homemade Balsamic – 245 calories


This combo was SO good! That Maple Tempeh is delicious.

Per usual, several people in the office asked what I was cooking and no one knew what tempeh is! I assume some of you won’t either so…

Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty. It is one of the healthiest soy products (fermented products contain isoflavones) and is much tastier than tofu.


SNACK – Apple + PB – 175 calories



I wrapped up work right at 5 and headed straight to the gym. I was so ready to get a good sweat and I did that for sure!! I completed this treadmill interval run before completing this pyramid full body workout that left me dripping in sweat and with dead shoulders and arms

Killer Full Body Pyramid

I jotted it down real quick after I hopped off the treadmill so I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it definitely delivered! Try it out!


*HIS* and *HER* DINNER: Mexican Lasagna Sideways Tacos + Roasted Potatoes – 450 calories


I was planning on making Mexican Lasagna + Homemade Refried Black Beans and noticed when I opened the cabinet that I was out of tostada shells! The horror!! I just took the same ingredients and stuffed them into broken taco shells, which I re-assembled and baked for a few additional minutes.


Not as pretty as the original but just as tasty! Hubs plate was licked CLEAN ( and there was no meat Smile)

OH I almost forgot…We had BONE SUCKIN SAUCE on the side, and hubby finally tried it! He was a fan, but he didn’t jump up and do cartwheels like I expected. What is wrong with him?


“Where do you get your protein?” tally for the day": 45g in 1,200 calories on the dot! That's calorie counting talent, my friends.



The usual around our house! Normal chores and a quick trip to the store to fill up my gas tank. I took the long way around and ran into my nephew running on a creepy road in the dark where there are no houses! Eeek! I would’ve have been seriously scared. I stopped and talked to him for a minute about our upcoming trip to College Station! He graduates high school in May, and I am trying to talk him into attending Texas A&M! What better way to convince then to take him on a weekend adventure there to scope out the scene? And to make it even of my best friends Lauren and her Aggie fiance are going to tag along to show him the ropes! I can’t wait Smile

Hubs was watching football in the living room (there are THREE (3!) flat screens in there right now in addition to the 2 others in the house. His repair business is making our house look like Best Buy.), so I headed to the bedroom to watch the CMAs! I am a serious country music fanatic, so I was SO excited! I watched it the coziest way possible…wet hair in a bun, sweats, no makeup, glasses and dark chocolate


Shortly after snapping that picture I yelled out to hubs to tell him he shouldn’t peek into the bedroom or he might want a divorce. I looked a little too cozy and just plain awful Winking smile It’s only fair to show you guys the good and the bad right?!

That piece of dark chocolate was the Cabernet Matinee I had been searching for! I found it in San Fran and finally had a piece last night (60 calories). I forgot to tell you all….I had my suitcase open the day I went back to work from vacation, and my little Gracie girl dug in it, got my chocolate out, and proceeded to eat it! I’m glad she did not die. I am NOT glad that she ate my chocolate. Humph.

I hope you have a great Friday and that your weekend goes well!

See ya tomorrow!

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