One of THOSE days

Good Mornin’ !




BREAKFAST: Spinach Omelet – 126 calories

Monday night while the hub’s steak was cookin’ away on the grill, I took a few minutes to cook up an omelet for Tuesday’s breakfast.


One of my prettier omelets if I may say so! (A little foreshadowing: remember I said that when you see how my egg cookin’ skills were on my post tomorrow Confused smile. Prettier is a very relative statement!)



    • 1 organic egg + 2 organic egg whites
    • 1 C spinach
    • 1/2 T No sugar added blackberry jam (Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Eggs + jam is one of my fav combos)



LUNCH: Hummus Wrap – 262 calories


I made one of these for my non-vegetarian friend, Nikki, one night and she loved it! It’s a pretty amazing combo.


    • Whole wheat tortilla
    • 1/4 C Roasted red pepper hummus
    • 2 T Dairy free cheese
    • 1 C spinach
    • Cook on skillet sprayed with non-stick spray until crispy on the outside and melty on the inside


When we got home at 5:40, I had to throw dinner together rather quickly. Hubs had to head out to the park for 2 softball games, which is over next week (thank God!). I tossed everything on the stove and got to cookin’



*HER* Dinner: Spaghetti with “Meat Sauce” – 482 calories


Mmm! So filling and delicious. Vegan comfort food at its’ finest!


    • 1 Serving whole wheat spaghetti
    • 1/2 C Crushed Tomatoes
    • 1 T Tomato paste
    • 1 C greens, such as spinach or mixed greens
    • 1 Vegan sausage, cooked & mashed
    • Garlic, salt, basil, & oregano all to taste


*HIS* DINNER: BBQ Chicken + Cheesy Rice + Veggies


I cooked Anthony a chicken breast & squash+zucchini+carrot in the skillet seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and Montreal steak seasoning. I then cooked up 1/2 C brown rice in the microwave and added 2 T natural light Alfredo sauce (Classico brand) and pepper.


Chicken was topped with Bone Suckin’ Sauce. OH MY GOSH. That stuff is awesome. I’m afraid you’ll see me putting it on everything. Pancakes and bone suckin’ sauce? Chex with Bone Suckin Sauce? Mmmm


“Where you get your protein?” tally for the day?

59 g in 1,090 calories. Pretty good amount of protein for those few calories. And wouldn’t ya know it…no meat! Winking smile



None. Not formally, anyway. I did manage to do some cleaning out of pure frustration (baseboards, car trunk, drawers, closets, fridge, and other things that don’t really matter!) which is a workout if you ask me!



If we’re bein’ honest here, Tuesday was one of those days. One of those days that make me wish it was a summer Sunday at the lake followed by good food and margaritas with that one guy


But, instead of continuing on with my bad attitude, I just gave in (finally at 10pm). I quit cleaning, relaxed on the couch, watched the debate, took a deeeeeep breath and made a mad dash to CVS for this


(190 calories. I usually enjoy darker chocolate with less sugar, but CVS didn’t have a good selection at all.)

It’s safe to say I felt much better after a dose of antioxidants Winking smile


I did get a good laugh at myself over this though…At our girls’ dinner at BJ’s last week, we got on the conversation of Lauren’s new WEN shampoo. I told her my Mother-in-Law gave me WEN lotion and it was awesome, to which she swore they don’t make. I finally looked today, and I’ve been using this conditioner as lotion! HA! Ooopsie.




Anyway..They can’t all be good days, right? It makes you really appreciate the great days. Like today. I have a feeling today will be much better. And if not,I guess there's always chocolate!


Hopin’ your Wednesday shapes up to be better than my Tuesday! If know what to you Winking smile

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