My Birthday Surprise

Back to work tomorrow. Wahhh. It's gonna be tough! We've slept in embarrassingly late almost every day this week, so I'm not looking forward to my 6:30am alarm in the morning.

I think I'll take it easy today and prepare myself for the real world again! We woke up and had eggs on toast with jam for breakfast and have plans to just hang out and watch football all day.

A chill, lazy day Sounds good to me after the excitement of last night.

Yesterday we did some work around the house, I went to the gym for a 45 minute Pilates class and then we got dressed and ready to drive South for dinner.

Right before we walked out the door my mother-in-law came back over (she had been over most of the day) and dropped off an {early} birthday present for me. A $100 microdermabrasion gift card and a Bath & Body Works gift set. She really outdid herself this year!!

Since it was just going to be Anthony and I for dinner, I told him I wanted to do some shopping while we were in Denton. We spent a couple of hours shopping and although I was finished an hour in he insisted that he had made reservations and we couldn't eat until 7. I thought it was weird because I knew the restaurant wouldn't be busy, but I didn't think much else of it.

At 7 on the dot we pulled into the parking lot of Horny Toad, a new restaurant I've been dying to try, an headed inside. We took a seat at the bar and I ordered a spicy jalapeƱo margarita.

Within a couple of minutes I heard a loud group across the restaurant singing Happy Birthday and got so confused when they emphasized, DEAR ASHLEE! Anthony walked me around the corner and I was greeted with a, "Surprise", from a huge group of my closest friends! {A couple of people had left before we snapped the picture, and one of them shares my birthday with me! So happy birthday to Caylin too!}

My actual birthday is on New Year's Eve so I haven't had a real birthday celebration since middle school. To say I was surprised would be the biggest understatement of the year!

Anthony had even snuck a birthday cake in the tool box on his truck! I tried to flip my 7 upside down and be 21 just one more time, but it failed me when the wic wouldn't light on that side. Boooo!

It was one of the best birthdays ever, and I'm so impressed Anthony was able to pull it off! And even more surprised that so many of my friends could make it with a not even 24 hour notice!

I have the best husband and friends I could ask for, and I felt so happy to celebrate with them all!

They spoiled me with lots of my favorite things (Starbucks, wine, candles, scarves!!), and reminded me that they all know me so well.

After dinner we drove to a different bar to watch the UFC fights, and holy moly!!! Did anyone watch Silva break his leg? So gross! Eek.

Thank you SO much, hubby and my best buds for making my birthday so great.

Love them all!

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I'm Ashlee, a 26 year newlywed living in North Texas. I have a passion for fitness, good food, good wine & all things healthy. It's taken some time, but I am finally figuring out how to keep a semi-vegan & meat-n-taters-only kinda guy happy and healthy under one roof!

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