Looking for Auto Repair Parts? Learn About New, Used & After Market Parts

Looking for Auto Repair Parts? Learn About New, Used & After Market Parts

Whether you want to address a certain problem with your vehicle or just want to upgrade, finding an auto repair part can be confusing. Factors such as price and the car’s condition should be really taken into account or else you will end up buying incompatible and low-quality parts. In this article, we will introduce one of the best auto repairs in Las Vegas and help you find the right car component for you.

Three Types of Auto Parts

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

According to Investopedia, original equipment manufacturer or OEMs are firms whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users. A great example would be of automotive manufacturers or dealers and makers of various auto parts.

Although, OEM parts are generally more expensive compared to the other type of auto parts because they are brand new and they are actually the ones used by car makers in assembling a vehicle.

  1. Second Hand Parts

If you want to replace a major part of your car but do not want to spend that much, second hand parts would be ideal for you. Versus the after-market type, used ones are almost always cheaper but of course, the lower price tag comes with a fine print which you have to be very cautious of. Since these parts are already used, you need to make sure that it is still in good shape so as not to sacrifice safety. If possible, be very keen and probe deeper on the condition of the parts. Ask the sales person if the parts are still working well, or if it comes with a warranty? If yes, how long would it be? Keep asking until you are confident enough that the parts you will purchase are not just value for money but will also last long.

  1. After Market Parts

After-market parts are replacement parts that did not originate from the car manufacturer. This type of car parts are used to replace damaged ones, but using it may alter the coverage of an insured item. If we think of it, they are very similar to generic pharmaceuticals in that they are cheaper than brand name medication, but with almost the same level of effectiveness.

The good news is that there is a Las Vegas auto repair shop that will help you in your car parts dilemma – The Carrepairvegas.com. This repair shop has a team of car experts working in the industry for almost two decades already which will surely provide you with sound advice on your concerns regarding parts and your vehicle in general. On top of that, they also conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection to give you an idea of your car’s current state and suggest the right service and parts that you need to avail.

 It is a great way to receive independent advice and peace of mind when buying a used car in a private sale or auction or when your new car warranty is coming to an end.