Leftover Monday

Hola! Happy Tuesday! Did anyone else watch The Voice last night? I’ve just started recently watching, and I must be totally confused about how it works. I was sad that I didn’t get to see my favorite girl perform! It is so shocking when that voice comes out of that little body!


Maybe another day next week?!



Not a whole lot of report on the Monday front. Mondays are catch-up days for me, so I never have much to share that’s interesting. Lots of leftovers happened over here!


BREAKFAST: Pumpkin Pancakes – 250 calories

They may not be interesting, but these pancakes sure were delicious! Leftover Pumpkin Pancakes!



LUNCH: Leftover Pasta and Veggies – 270 calories

The last of the leftover Pasta and Veggie "Soup." I’m so glad this is finished! I felt like it was never-ending!




After work, we headed home to throw sweet potatoes in the oven for dinner and put workout clothes on before heading to the gym.

I completed this elliptical interval workout










and then this plank + arms circuit.

Plank Circuit

and jammed out to the Disney station on my Pandora.


I really liked both of these workouts! Intervals and circuits always knock out boredom for me.


*HER* DINNER: Sweet Potato + Baked Beans + Cherry Balsamic Spinach – 347 calories




*HIS* DINNER: Steak + Sweet Potato + Baked Beans + Spinach


He claimed he needed another steak since this one was small, but I disagreed Winking smile



We ended the night with a mug o’ Chex, football, and The Voice. I got a kick out of the “Come On Man” segment on ESPN. It’s basically dumb happenings from college games and is pretty hilarious.


Gracie asked me to take her picture so she could say hi! Smile



Have a great Tuesday!

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