This JJRC H31 QUADCOPTER is best suited for traveling on the seaside or other locations where you may come in exposure to the water. It will allow for worry-free journey in any circumstances. During composing, the H31 is available at Gear Best for only $29, which I think is a very low price for such a fun drone.

Appearance and Design

It is a brushed, fantastic RC Quadcopter that is designed under each motor. If you do decide to go away the prop security officers off, keep in thoughts that the equipment are subjected and available to the sun and rain. Stays, results in, hair, and other small things can find yourself in trouble in there and cause the motor to quit operating. They can also harm the nasty equipment. Setting up the prop security officers covers the equipment and quit anything from getting caught.

Gears under each arm

The body is made of a very powerful nasty that was made to be misused. It is able to handle all sorts of impact from reaching surfaces to 100 % free dropping. It will even keep traveling if the items get curved or damaged.

In low amount, RC Quadcopter is best suited for training newbies due to its slowly message and yaw. This technique also suitable for low wind/indoor journey. But, if the breeze begins to get, this technique definitely won’t be enough to battle it.

Power change and camera port

Like described previously, RC Quadcopter is vulnerable to stuffing with the water and dropping, so do remember that when losing it in status the water. The best strategy to keep it profitable is to sustain ability to the engines to keep them rotating.


The battery in the JJRC H31 QUADCOPTER is a 400mAh 3.7v 30c. It provides a plane duration of about 7 moments, in my experience. Towards the 5 moment indicate, the volts does begin to sag. The low volts LED quick flashes begin very delayed and there is not much a chance to carry it back once they begin caution you.


Flips are triggered by simply clicking top right key. The flicks on RC Quadcopter are quite amazing, even with the prop security officers on.

Headless technique triggered by toggling the yaw cut move to the right. Headless technique performs questionable on this style. The compass begins to get puzzled after a couple rotates and the route gets manipulated.


One Key Come back is triggered by toggling the yaw cut move on the remaining. One key return is identical to headless technique by the way it gets manipulated after some yawing. It functions, but sometimes it is not the appropriate route.

JJRC H31 QUADCOPTER transmitter

Although there is no camera on this style, it has the main harbor on the drone and transmitter performance to add one. Images are triggered by toggling up on the accelerator cut and video clips are triggered by toggling down on the accelerator cut.

Lastly, the variety on this style does not get together to its promoted duration. I got maybe 30m (100ft) away from me and it decreased from the sky. It is promoted to go 70m (230ft). I was a bit frustrated, but it’s still enough variety to have fun with it outside.