Guilty Face + Vegan Mac-n-Cheese


Good mornin’!

It’s Election Day in the US of A! Did you vote yet? I’m rooting for Romney over here. It’s a Nobama zone in our house Smile Sorry Mr. President + all you fans, but I think it’s time for a change!


So other than it being (arguably) the most important day of the year, anything else goin on? Not much out of the ordinary here.



Oh Monday, do you have to show your ugly face every week? Can’t we just skip you sometimes?


BREAKfAST: Egg Muffin Sandwich – 290 calories

How boring does this breakfast look?! I think it fit the general feel of a Monday morning pretty well! Blah colors, blah look, blah plate, blah day!


English muffin, egg, grape jam! Easy peasy.


LUNCH: Grilled Veggie + Black Bean Salad – 560 calories

Hubs & I actually stayed at Derek & Chelsea’s after the game on Sunday night because it’s a 40 minute drive, the game ended around 10:30 AND our places of work are closer to their house. Sleepover it was! Anyway, I packed breakfast and lunch Sunday morning for Monday and left my mason jar of black bean and butternut squash chili in my drunk ALL day and night Sunday. Bummer!


So, take out it was. That was a good mistake. This salad was gooood!


We had a new girl start today in my department, so we all worked pretty closely today. We had quite a few laughs and it ended up being a good day! SO many funny things happen in my line of work. I think I will start sharing some of the stories when possible. Can’t make up better stuff, I promise!


*HIS* AND *HER* DINNER: Vegan + Cheezy Butternut Squash Mac-n-Cheese – 329 calories

Don’t let the fact that there is absolutely no cheese in this healthy version of mac-n-cheese scare you away. It’s SO good you’ll never miss it!


Remember when I roasted that butternut squash while I was out running on Sunday? I had big plans for that little guy!


For 2 servings:

    • 2 servings whole wheat rotini (Eating Right brand has 10g protein per serving!)
    • 1/2 small  butternut squash, roasted and scraped from flesh
    • 1/2 C Daiya dairy free “cheese” (or 2 T nutritional yeast to give it the cheesy flavor if you don’t like dairy free cheese)
    • 3/4 C Almond milk
    • Sage, salt, & cinnamon to taste. Don’t skimp on the sage!
    • Cook noodles and combine all ingredients in the same pot until melty and thickness of your liking


Hubs got chicken on his. He loved my vegan mac-n-cheese! No really, I promise! He is an avid His-N-Hers reader because he loves hearing all about himself and so I couldn’t lie to you that he really likes my cooking if he didn’t. Or maybe he just tells me that so I don’t freak out and dump hot vegan mac-n-cheese in his lap? Winking smile



Also, have you tried this trick to keep the water from boiling over? It really works.



“Where do you get your protein?” tally for the day?

50g in 1,179 calories



I had a rest day today because I ran Saturday AND Sunday when I usually don’t. The fact that it was dark by the time I got home and my mind thought it was bedtime didn’t help. My body + mind wants to hibernate the day the time change starts!



I planned on totally chilling out after dinner and just lounging on the couch + watching The Voice. That didn’t happen. I have this horrible disease called CIHD. Caffeine induced hyperactivity disorder. It’s a very serious disease and makes me do things like clean the house and sweep the floors even though I just did it 2 days ago and 1 of those days we were not home at all.

Anthony didn’t get to chill much either due to the pups digging up his buried speaker wire in the backyard AGAIN. He pulled out his deepest inner detective and decided to check their nails for who had been digging. Who did it?!


Detective Hubs’ verdict was this one and so she is now the proud owner of her shock collar again. That’s the guilty face if you ask me!


She was not excited to sport that big black box on her collar. Gracie thought it was hilarious


and Shiner thought “der der der” – I don’t think he actually has thoughts in that brain. Totally blank. Can’t you just see that there is nothing going on behind those eyes?



I also made eggs for the following day’s lunch. Gracie is really glad I am eating eggs again and thanked me for sharing my egg yolks with her. Hubs walked in the door from the gym as I cut the hardboiled eggs open and said, “EWW did someone poop?!” haha. Nope that’s just my LUNCH for tomorrow. Should be a very appetizing meal when that’s all I will be able to think about. Smile with tongue out

And finally we settled in for some relaxing. I know I complained about all these extra tvs hanging around right now, but it was very convenient tonight! He got to watch Monday Night Football & I got to watch The Voice and we got to do it in the same room. Perfecto!


I dressed up in my glasses & sweats to make sure I looked extra hott for the hubs. Gotta keep the spark alive right?!



If you watch The Voice, isn’t Melanie just too cute?! I love her! Wish she would’ve picked a different song though.


Another happening worth nothing is…my sister emailed out our Thanksgiving menu tonight! Woohoo! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Love holidays with our families & this year is extra special with it being hubs & I’s first married holiday!


One last thing… ANOTHER storm headed for the East coast?! Seriously? Please keep all the residents in its’ path in your thoughts and prayers as they are already dealing with quite the disaster.

Hope your day is great! And if not don’t forget what to do!

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