Evaluations of different microphones

Evaluations of different microphones

On in different categogies goal at one thing: to make it as simple as possible for you to find out which microphone is the perfect fit for your functions. A directional microphone is a lengthened tubular microphone that is focused on a source of noise while minimizing side noises. A lavalier microphone, likewise called clip-on microphone, is a small microphone pill that can quietly be clipped on to clothes, such as a shirt. When shooting movies and video content lavalier microphones are utilized to support the recording process of spoken dialog recorded by boom microphones in order to have clear and unique noise recordings.

The following devices makes the operation of a microphone possible and/or much more comfy like microphone stand, headsets or microphone cables

Microphone Test by function

There are countless various microphones on the marketplace for various usages. This extensive range of microphones makes the choice not an easy one. Especially non-professionals typically have a tough time deciding which microphone they ought to get. That's where we get in the stage. Our microphone tests in different categogies target at something: to make it as simple as possible for you to discover which microphone is the perfect suitable for your functions. The initial step is to clarify the function for which the microphone will be utilized.

condenser microphone

A condensor microphone converts the sound into an electrical signal. These types of microphones are generally utilized for taping scenarios in expert studios.

USB microphone

You use an USB microphone p.e. for podcasts or other voice recordings when dealing with a computer system. In order to be rewarded with the very best possible voice quality, the USB microphone should feature a large membrane (size a minimum of 20mm).

dynamic microphone

A vibrant microphone is used on stages or in studios to tape-record vocals or instruments. Here, a cardioid attribute is necessary since it captures the noise of the voice from the front and side SOUNDS are being lowered. Vocalists on stage normally choose a vibrant microphone, while in recording and studio circumstances they chose a big diaphragm microphone in order to map the whole series of their vocal performance.

directional microphone

A directional microphone is an elongated tubular microphone that is concentrated on a source of noise while reducing side sounds. Since of the super-cardioid capsule a directional microphone captures sounds with really couple of background sounds. Other names for a directional microphone are "shotgun mic, shotgun microphone or since of its shape "lobe".

lavalier microphone/ lapel microphone

A lavalier microphone, also called clip-on microphone, is a small microphone pill that can inconspicuously be clipped on to clothing, such as a t-shirt. When shooting films and video content lavalier microphones are used to support the recording procedure of spoken dialog taped by boom microphones in order to have unique and clear sound recordings.

cordless microphone

A wireless microphone converts acoustic signals into radio signals which are then sent out to a receiver. Wireless microphones permit maximum liberty of motion with the best possible sound quality. This comes at a price.

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