Dresses + BJs

Good morning!

Happy (?) Monday! I hope it is happy anyway! I vowed to make the best of every day last week so I am trying my best. Here is to all the bestest qualities of Monday…someone please help remind me of those?!

Remember the video I promised of me training my dogs? Here is proof of my non-skills. Such as pushover with these guys & gals! I have a SOFT heart for anything furry.



Weekly Workout Log:

Monday 10.29.12 – Rest day (San Francisco!)

Tuesday 10.30.12 – 3 mile run

Wednesday 10.31.12 – Rest day (Out of town – West Texas)

Thursday 11.01.12 – Treadmill Interval Run + Killer Full Body Pyramid

Friday 11.02.12– Rest day

Saturday 11.03.12 – 3 mile run

Sunday 11.04.12 –  3 mile run



I looked forward to Sunday alllll week, and thankfully it wasn’t a let down! You can’t have a bad time with this group of girls, right?!


BREAKFAST Breakfast Burrito – 279 calories



I got so excited over those fluffy eggs a few days ago I couldn’t resist.



Check out the height on those babies!


    • Whole wheat tortilla
    • 1 organic egg + 2 organic egg whites
    • Soy cheese
    • Sugar free jam



Stuffed some produce in the oven to roast while I ran. I’ll be so glad I planned ahead on Monday night when I haven’t been home in 36-48 hrs!

Butternut squash + apple


While that was roasting, I set out on a 3 mile run. I am already getting bored of running. I can’t wait to get back in the gym and complete a sweaty arm workout or circuit. Crossing my fingers for Monday night!


Laced up and ran out! Had a big day to get ready for prettttty quickly!


One of my BEST friends, Lauren, is getting married 03.30.13, and we had to get our bridesmaid dresses! I am so, so ecstatic for her big day! I couldn’t be happier for her and Brian and couldn’t be more thankful that I get to be a part of it! Love you L&B!

Bridesmaid Courtney, aka Corny Dog


Bridesmaid Chelsea


Bridesmaid Ash


Please ignore my horrendous choice of undergarments. It will be much, much more understated for this pretty girls’ big day!! Speaking of pretty girl, isn’t she going to make the most gorgeous bride ever? I can’t wait to bawl my eyes out see her walk down the aisle! Goosebumps already. Love you, Lauren!!


LUNCH: Vegetarian Mini Pizza – 574 calories

We had a TON to celebrate! Lauren’s upcoming wedding and Courtney’s birthday! Of course we headed to our favorite spot…BJ’s!!

Pumpkin beers all around!


The 2 girls we were celebrating!


Chels + Ash


I had the vegetarian mini pizza. It was deeeeelicious. I’ve never actually had cheese here since I just recently started eating  it again after 2.5 years and let me say…it was SO good. Ugh. Hate to admit that, but it was. Still want to go back to no dairy. Send me your powers and strengths to turn it down again! Pretty please?!


Chelsea and Lauren got these little babies. OMG! Amazing. Avocado Egg Rolls!! Chels shared 1/2 of one with me…ohhhhhhhh babbbbyyy. I was smitten at first bite Winking smile She even let me take home 2 of them!


And then we sang happy birthday to Corny Dog! Happy bestest birthday ever to you, Corny!!!!


I had a bite 2 bites, and it was amazing! Like raw red velvet cake. Except more appetizing than I make it sound. (Dad says I’m a good “writer” – you can do no wrong for your parents right?! haha – that cake was..um.. amazing?!)



Obviously our celebration was not sufficient, so we headed to Oak St Draft House for a beer tasting and to soak up some sun on their patio!




I promise I don’t drink allll the time. I just really love the taste of a good craft beer or fantastic wine. Mmm. Our favorite was the 512 Pecan Porter!



DINNER: Tempeh Hoagie + Salad – 776 calories

Shortly thereafter Chels and I walked over to Mellow Mushroom to take advantage of my beer club because I had a $10 gift card up for grabs.Food was great!



Eaten during the Cowboys game at Derek and Chelsea’s!



I looked forward to spending my day with these girls all week and it did not disappoint! Love those girls to death. Now I have a Friendsgiving  to plan. (!!!) Like I told them, you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without friends your consider family (frienamily!)


Wishing you lots of energy to tackle the week ahead! Have a great one!

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