Dead Body Parts in my Bag + Sweet Potato Hash



BREAKFAST: Egg White Sandwich – 189 calories

I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture! I was in such a rush to leave my office before 7:50 to leave town that I totally forgot! I made an egg white sandwich to enjoy during my drive to Dallas.

    • Whole wheat sandwich thin
    • 2 Egg whites
    • American soy cheese
    • 1/2 T No sugar added preserves


I spent my day at the Sheraton Galleria for work and thought the hotel was very pretty! Sadly, the only picture I got was of myself (of course) in the bathroom sporting my company shirt. Blurry because I had exactly one chance to get a shot. Let’s be would be totally embarrassing for someone to walk in that door behind me and catch me snapping self pics in the bathroom mirror in my work gear…   Winking smile



LUNCH: Mediterranean Thin-cut Veggie Sub + Vegetable Soup – 447 calories

Around noon my co-worker and I started to get hungry so I headed over to Potbelly to grab us lunch. Would you believe me if I told you it was her choice? No, really! I got everyone at work hooked too..specifically on their pizza sub. I let it ride exactly like a best friend would because basically I love it just as much. Mmm.


Sub + Soup! (+ sunglasses)



I got home a little earlier than usual due to traffic running smoothly so I took some time to take care of these hideous nails. They were beginning to resemble Tails from the Crypt. (I just had to ask hubs how to spell that..I usually win in that department but what can I say, he knows his horror genre!)




Shortly after that was taken care of and my beloved Real Housewives was watched, I headed outside to take care of my workout.

I started with a 1 mile run to warm up,


set up my station in my front yard (no way the puppers would let me do this without jumping all over me in the backyard)


and completed 3 rounds of The Fitnessista’s Movemeber Workout. (but not without 29 weird looks from passers by and neighbors. One of my neighbors even peeked off her porch to see the action. What can I say, I live in a very, um, inactive neighborhood!)


She describes it as quick and sweaty and she was not lying! It left me like this:


I used a 25 lb dumbbell for the kettlebell swings and plie squats and my shoulders and glutes were buuuurrrrnin’! Also, I do side planks quite a bit, but adding the bottom leg raise targeted that “muffin top” that is so hard to get. I loved this workout, and it will be going into my regular rotation.


After cleaning up and (dry) shampooing my hair, I ran a couple of errands and got to work on dinner!

*HER DINNER* “Sausage” Sweet Potato Dinner Hash + Salad – 425 calories

I was really in the mood for something different and this fit the bill perfectly! The flavors came together and it tasted amazing.

First chop up 1/2 apple, 1 sweet potato, 1/2 small yellow onion, salt, cinnamon & rosemary


Add to hot, greased skillet along with chopped vegan sausage and spray with a heft dose of non-stick spray


After about 20 minutes or when potatoes and apple are soft and starting to brown, add 2 C spinach & arugula mix


Serve with a salad or alone!


What a filling and hearty meal!


For 1 serving (I made 2 servings of the vegetables for hubs)

    • 1/2 Sweet potato
    • 1/4 Apple
    • 1/4 Yellow onion
    • Vegan Apple & Sage Sausage
    • 1 C Spinach & arugula
    • Salt, cinnamon & rosemary to taste
    • adapted from :SoGoodPaleo


*HIS* DINNER: Sweet Potato Hash with Egg + Honey Glazed Tilapia

I added some lean protein for hubby’s dinner in the form of baked tilapia + a fried egg.


For the tilapia I just topped 2 frozen filets with light honey dijon salad dressing, a splash of worschestchire sauce, chopped onion, s& pepper and broiled until it flaked with a fork, flipping halfway through


He thought the egg was a great addition!


It is getting increasingly harder to get good pictures of dinner! Natural light is about the only way to go for me right now, and it gets dark soooo early! Apologies Smile


“Where do you get your protein?” tally for the day?

65 g in 1,061 calories. Im on a roll this week!



While we let our food settle, I hung around looking like a 6th gader with a mouth piece while wearing these dorky teeth whitening strips and hubs watched some football alumni something.


And then we took the dogs for a walk!


We couldn’t get over how dark and quiet the neighborhood was at just 7:15! Darn time change.(Company + name covered for privacy reasons!)


We walked for about 2 miles and Kemah and Shiner were worn out by the time we got home!


I had to “let the sleeping dogs lie” so to speak and type up this post before they woke up and jumped all over my laptop in order to gain my attention.

When I went to grab my laptop from my work bag that I took to the job fair today, I pulled out a piece of rotten human flesh rotten plum. I took it with me as a snack and it got smooshed! After a dark, creepy walk and my mind on the upcoming showing of American Horror Story, this completely freaked me out and had me convinced it was a real life, gross organ from some dead person’s body. Eeeeekkk!!


(Take my advice and don’t chop onions in a shirt with thumbholes. I smelled onion all. night. long. Ick!)


Ended the night with the new episode of American Horror Story, which we are loving, and called it a night! This time change has me all kinds of messed up and my bed times are earlier and earlier everyday!


Hope your Thursday is going well! Good news…Tomorrow’s the weekend!!

12 thoughts on “Dead Body Parts in my Bag + Sweet Potato Hash

  1. Molly @ Just Your Average AthleteNo Gravatar

    Was just reading through the blog post…took a sip of my drink, scrolled down the page, and half-spit out my water laughing at the picture of you with the white strips. I swear that’s EXACTLY what I look like when I wear them. I put on a goofy face and go find my boyfriend and he just looks at me like, “Really?”

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  3. ChengNo Gravatar

    By June 28, 2010 – 11:29 PMWhat a lovely wekeend! In New Orleans there is a river just north of the city where I went tubing on Saturday. Everyone grabs a tractor wheel (to serve as your tube), we bring coolers of beer and snacks, tie up together with friend, and float down a lazy river for 5 hours. It’s so fun and makes you really appreciate the sunshine! And with 3 applications of 55 sunscreen I managed to get a nice little tan, too :)

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