Are You Constantly Losing Attention?

Are You Constantly Losing Attention?

You’re behind on a project (again), late to work, can’t remember the action points or vital points from the last meeting, or just finding it hard to concentrate even during important occasions. Simply put, your mind tends to wonder than concentrate. Well, you aren’t alone. There are tens of billions of people worldwide with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -ADHD. This condition poses a constant and formidable challenge to concentrate on a task and can happen at the most inappropriate time and place —like when driving, giving a presentation or when being asked a question by your boss. But, are there ways of reversing this killer habit or condition? Well, the following vital tips can help you get back on track thus saving your precious life on the road or avoid getting sacked.

Drinking lot of fluidsMild dehydration that’s so slight and can’t make you feel thirsty can result to inattention. Taking lots of water in addition to other nutritious beverages can drastically lower or eliminate dehydration thus enhancing concentration span. The recommended daily fluid intake should be at least nine cups for women and twelve cups for men.

 Eliminate obvious distractionsToday’s life revolves around the foundation of technology and ability to be connected to everyone everywhere. However, such saturation is the cause of inattention and lack of focus. On average, a bigger percentage of office worker check their Facebook, WhatsUp and email account, countless number of times not in a day but in an hour. This can easily make one to lose focus. Needless to say, doing away with or reducing time and concentration on such tasks can significantly enhance one concentration.

ExerciseThe health benefits of physical exercise are innumerable. Certainly, this’s the most important point if we’re really interested on improving our attention. Adopting a regular physical exercise routine on a daily basis doesn’t just improve one’s physical fitness, but also increases one’s ability to focus. Anything from a short brisk walk or a fifteen-minute jogging will do. Regular physical exercise significantly improves cognitive control. It does this by influencing the release of chemicals in the brain that affects memory as well as learning.

Take stock and diverse a strategy of handling the most important things in your lifeStop, take time and think about all the tasks you are supposed to accomplish. Outline the tasks that are most stressful. Of course, these should be the most important things in your life that must be handled. Next, determine where to dedicate your focus. Possibly, you can break down these important tasks into smaller portions that are easier to manage and accomplish. Without knowing, you’ll have moved forward and closer to the larger overall objective of your life.

Asking questionsMeetings, conferences, and the likes are places where it can be pretty hard to stay alert. The truth is that many of those who attend meetings especially employees consider too many meetings a waste of time in their tight work schedule. However, staying alert during such meetings is equally important as it can significantly enhance one’s performance. The boredom and lack of attention that comes with such meetings can be eliminated asking at least one good question. Asking good and relevant quizzes not only keeps you engaged and alert but also allows you to contribute to the conversation or learn something new. Asking good question equips one with information that can help to improve on job performance.