5 Reasons Why You Should Add More Magnesium To Your Diet

5 Reasons Why You Should Add More Magnesium To Your Diet

Supplementing your diet with nutritious foods has everything to do with your wellness. Mineral deficiency may sound ‘not so important’ (in comparison to the other health problems) but it can pose some serious threats to your health. Nutrition and wellness counselors in the clinics in Tampa, Orlando and other medically advanced locations in the U.S. have identified mineral deficiency as a serious problem. Research based data reveal that 50 to 80 percent of Americans are suffering from Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Atrial Fibrillation and other ailments due to mineral deficiency. Health experts suggest that balancing your magnesium levels can maintain health and keep problems at bay. But, is magnesium really that important? And can it take care of most of your health problems singlehandedly? Well, we need to face facts to figure that out. So, let us get to the reasons why taking magnesium is healthy for you.

To Fight Stress and Anxiety

Low magnesium in your system can make you feel more agitated and stressed out. With life demanding more out of people, that could be a real issue to survive and thrive. Research suggests that your usual diet gets you only 150 mg of magnesium when you actually need 400 mg a day. Ingesting the right amount of this mineral can control cortisol released into the system, which in turn may have a calming effect.

To Keep Cardiovascular Problems at Bay

Magnesium protects you from serious issues like cholesterol, plaque build-up in arteries, and high blood pressure. Nutrition and wellness clinics approve of this fact and suggest that taking 600mg magnesium daily is the best way to keep systolic blood pressure under control. Without this mineral, your vascular resistance would increase and you would see instability in cardiac conductivity, which can present serious health problems. This mineral also has an amazing calming effect on our central nervous system, which plays a big part in keeping heart palpitations under control.

To Cure Insomnia with Magnesium

If you suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia, then it could be due to low levels of magnesium in your system. Data pulled from recent surveys show that 30 to 40 percent Americans have complained about suffering from occasional insomnia. Increasing your magnesium intake can stop this ailment’s transition into a serious problem. It is perfectly safe and is considered to be one of the best natural relaxants patients can take. In fact, it is much better than Melatonin, which actually slows down the blood flow in our system and risks cognitive impairment. Magnesium can produce specific minerals that are capable of calming the brain without any side effects.

To Slow Signs of Aging

Calcium ions in your diet flow into the muscles and organs naturally. However, this calcium is pumped out to keep the muscles calm and flexible. As years pass, and we age, our capability to drag out the calcium depletes, advancing the aging process by making our muscles and bones inflexible. Ingesting magnesium can balance the calcium in your body and keep your muscles flexible.

To Lose Weight

Besides being a good friend to your heart, magnesium can help you lose weight. This miracle element can help your body to absorb and digest fats and protein easily. Even those suffering from obesity can benefit from having magnesium as it can suppress the genes responsible for gaining weight. Plus, by acting as an awesome stress management element, magnesium can stop you from overeating out of anxiety. Magnesium can also be the best answer to fluid retention during menstrual cycle. According to a study conducted in 2013 and highlighted in the Journal of Nutrition, magnesium can reduce the generation of fasting glucose and insulin in your body, thus keeping weight gain at bay.

Baby spinach, collard greens, Brazil nuts, cashews, pine nuts, mackerel, halibut, beans, chickpeas or magnesium supplement can keep you healthy. But, you should always consult a doctor in one of the wellness clinics in Tampa or other locations in the U.S. before changing diet or selecting supplements. Wellness experts can help you understand the guidelines while using magnesium to get that glow of health.